Diploma of corporation administration OR Diploma in accounting?

Question by waelye: Diploma of company management OR Diploma in accounting?
I’m arranging for learning in Australia by mid 2008, at Cornell Institution For Opportunity & Technology.

I’m perplexed relating to Dip. Organisation Mgt & Dip Accounting..?

Which is improved If I desired to succeed a smart occupation in Australia once I end my training course ??

Can you aid or they are both of those the equivalent in succeed area??

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for starters of all you should really analyze what you like most, but
i an a place like Australia, i contemplate it really is the exact.
i’m from Argentina and, if you inquire me, here is much better studiing accounting given that the companys work with an accountant to do a businessman do the trick, but i assume that doesn`t take place in a region like yours

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